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Thinking of you

I haven't seen you since the morning,
And several times today
My thoughts rang back to last night,
A lover's hit.....I smile at
the memory of your touch,
Surrounding, sounding,
Rolling waves upon my beach.



I was driving down the road
When the feeling returned.......
That passing wave of smiles
Sweeping from head to toe,
Arms stiffened straight as
Hands massaged the steering wheel,
It was you......passing by
Memory's open door!



Patio Passion

Tiny droplets fall
In love….
Merging and streaming
Down around our naked dreams
Melting away time
In puddles at our feet.

Even the cool evening
Can not quell the flame
Of patio passion
Rekindled in the rain.


Walking at Night

There is a dichotomy in the night air.

I walk sleepless, energy unraveling at the wrong time, eyes scanning ahead for movement in the patches of light, feet impatient to move and feel their way along the darkened pavement.

But such peace prevails.

A cool breeze caresses my skin, and the moon is my only companion.
Alone, without judging eyes to scrutinize my step, I smile.

Back and forth, wavering between the excitement of this dark playground and feeling the relaxed gaze of stars holding me in their light.


The Leaf Blowers

They came in formation,
Wailing as they came,
Billowing leaves before them,
A sorcerer’s command lifting
And scattering the natural debris.
A nasal complaint of sound
Tidies and tightens the world,
An incessant droning mantra
Overpowers the street.

What did we ever do
Before the leaf blowers?
Listen ………
I hear the rustle of leaves.


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